With doTERRA essential oils and products, I have created my own natural medicine cabinet with natural options for over-the-counter products for pain and inflammation, digestive, skin and sleep issues, first aid, natural skin and hair care and so much more. Not only has this been effective but also cost-effective.

Why I chose doTERRA…the Purity…without an accepted standard for essential oil quality, doTERRA created its own testing process, calling it CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. doTERRA even goes a step further, putting all their products and the packaging through a battery of tests to ensure a long and effective shelf-life.

Their Source to You website allows you to read the Quality Report associated with each individual bottle that you purchase by entering the batch number from the bottom of your bottle.


In addition to testing, sourcing is key. Pure essential oils are gathered from plants that are indigenous to the region. DoTERRA specifically works with 30+ countries all over the world, to provide you the highest quality essential oils.

It only gets better. There area thousands of independently conducted scientific studies on the benefits of pure essential oils for health. doTERRA has a website devoted to this topic.


And last but certainly not least and probably the one that makes me most proud to be part of doTERRA, is their Co-Impact Sourcing. Two thirds of the their oils are sourced from developing countries. They make a difference to provide a sustainable income to the growers, harvesters and distillers they partner with.


– Diana Leshuk – Wellness Advocate